The DevTrek site was created to help others learn how to program.
We believe that when someone learns on their own, they are more likely to gain valuable skills and have a genuine learning experience.
The DevTrek site encourages project-based and interactive learning by providing others with the resources they need to explore on their own.


DevTrek was created as a school project by James Adair and Kieran Carter.


There are many ways you can help out: suggest changes or improvements, help with programming, or fund the project.
The site is currently closed-source as we work towards a rough product.
Maintaining the site is definitely not free. It costs us about $10~12/yr for the domain. If we want to be able to send email (which we plan to support eventually), that will be about $12~13/yr. The site is hosted on jvadair's infrastructure (which means it's not the fastest and requires maintenance even though it is free otherwise). This does not account for the work put in by the two of us to develop and maintain the site itself.
Please contact us if you want to help out with anything.

Open Source

Although DevTrek is not open source at the moment, we do use a handful of open source libraries to operate. Please consider contributing to these projects as well, if you are able.